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It’s time for Lady Fern Fiddle Head steamed with lemon sauce and making some Fiddle Head wine for summer parties. The lilacs, wildflowers, cherry and apple blossoms are in full bloom. Enjoy pictures from the foothills of the Cascades here in Oregon.

Transplanting soon! My tomato and pepper sprouts are coming on strong. As soon as their true leaves show I will pop them into the garden under warm row covers. Here in the Oregon Cascades you can get a freeze all the way up till the end of May. We have teaser weeks were the weather will be warm, nice 70 degree days, nights 50 degrees or warmer. Then the Northerly winds will come in and freeze anything tender.

My tomato and pepper crops are

Anaheim Chile Pepper, Poblano Pepper, Hungarian Sweet Wax, Aconcagua Pepper, Cayenne Sweet Pepper, Chile De Arlod, Bulgarian Carrot Pepper, Cayenne Hot Pepper, Sweet California Pepper. 


Roma Paste Tomato, Large Cherry Tomato, Marglobe Tomato, Pink Ponderosa Tomato, Black Japanese Tomato, Beef Steak Tomato, Amish Paste Tomato, Purple Tomatillo (they sprouted, I can’t wait, I’ve never grown Tomatillos, think salsa!), Long keeper, The Ssaloniki Tomato, Hungerian Paste tomato, Black Krim, Home Stead, and Tommy toe (cherry tomato).

Second batch of chicks are taking their time hatching. There are always early birds. The two I’m posting are the first to hatch. In this picture I have a Cuckoo Marans and a Cochin Bantam cross Cuckoo Marans. I always get tired during hatching even through there is very little physical work. Plus I stayed up and partied as the moon went through its eclipse. What a blast staying up until midnight, hanging out with my husband drinking coffee together and watching the stars and moon. unfortunately we did not get to see the dark phase when the moon turns blood color. Clouds were coming and going here in Oregon. At least we could watch the first two phases. I have fifty eggs hatching this evening and tomorrow.

I love spring!

Prenumbral Moon

The clouds covered the full eclipse. From our vantage point the moon did not change colors. It was fun to watch with my husband. Out in the dark under the stars, trees standing guard around us as we watched the play of the sun’s light. I fooled with the color adjustment tool on Preview.

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I started a really big painting project and I’ve been putting it off because of spring gardening and baby chickens. I have an idea on how I want to deliver the message regarding grief and death. For sure I am going to use the rainbow technique rather than making the subjects look real life. In meditation during retreat I saw that I was made up of light and sound, so was everything else. So that’s how I am going to represent Buddha and Kisa. How that will turn out I have no clue. Jumping into the water after I finish the outlining. I feel safe with outlining. Applying the paint kinda freaks me out, there is no going back when brush touches the paper. It’s a story about Gotama Buddha and a Woman called Kisa Gotami who lost her child.

#art #watercolor #penandink #Buddhism #Grief

Barefoot Gardener

barefoot1Barefoot Gardener

Look how pink and healthy my feet look. When I started gardening, every step I took was full of pain and my toes, eventually both feet would turn purple. My toenails were discolored thick yellowish, super ugly-fuggly too. Also I had problems with fungus on my nails and the bottom of my feet. I am sure getting rid of acidic causing food plus clean water and barefoot walking helped my circulation.

No foot fetish talk please. One of the practices that brought back my foot and back health is walking and doing my chores barefooted. I found better balance and an energetic connection to earth that helped balance my energy. Plus I love getting my feet dirty in clean dirt. I think the body soaks up mineral like a plant. We don’t get that kind of connection anymore wearing our shoes made from toxic materials. If you haven’t tried it, do some walking meditation in your bare feet. Find a quiet clean place to walk and contemplate how sensation feels walking. Just stay focused on the sensations on the bottom of your feet. After walking pay attention to your body/mind energy. You will be surprised how grounded and the subtle happiness you feel.

I planted Crystal White Wax onions for canning with my pickles. I do fridge type canning, the flora and fauna in live batches have brought me back a healthy gut. Also I do a 4 canning onion mix with sweet Spanish White, great for storage as well, Red Cippolini does not store well, Ruby Onion, great keeper, White Lisbon for canning and eating fresh, does not store well.

I Need A Hat! It's Spring In Oregon!

The Sun hasn’t been out very much this winter. Working in the Gardens I’ve been getting headaches the sun is so bright. Brought my Sun hat out for the first time this year. Yipeeeee!

Red Dust:

Finished, well almost finished. I don’t like the finger under the frogs chin. I’ll smooth it out tomorrow. It was nice all day today and yesterday. It is very difficult to stay inside and paint when my gardens need attention too.

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GoldenfrogFinally I sat down and did some painting today instead of taking care of the Chicks and Garden. It’s so hard to sit still this time of the year. I want to dance with the sun, wind and rain. Several layers to go and I will finish this painting by tomorrow. Still have some dark shadows to add to make things pop and then on to the details. I’ll add the finished painting to this post tomorrow.

#art #frog #watercolor #gouache #painting #artwork

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I Am Not An Anarchist

I Am Not An Anarchist

I am a political atheist.


GoldenfrogFinally I sat down and did some painting today instead of taking care of the Chicks and Garden. It’s so hard to sit still this time of the year. I want to dance with the sun, wind and rain. Several layers to go and I will finish this painting by tomorrow. Still have some dark shadows to add to make things pop and then on to the details. I’ll add the finished painting to this post tomorrow.

#art #frog #watercolor #gouache #painting #artwork

Fox Spectrum

Red Dust:

I’ve got to stay inside and do some work on my paintings. I have several painting outlines started and will be using this method. One is with Gotama Buddha and a grieving mother. I didn’t know exactly how to paint the idea. I am going to treat the subjects like the fox. When you look past our conditioned response to sense data all there is is vibration and light. I love foxes!

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Fox Spectrum

First draft of an idea I have, still evolving.

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Memories Of Chicago

Red Dust:

I’ve never done buildings before this painting of Millennium Park Chicago. I lived across the street from this beautiful place.  Too bad  Chicago is so corrupt, but heck that’s Samsara for you.

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A painting I did of Millennium Park, Chicago Illinois. I took hundreds of pictures over the ten years I lived there. Lovely city on the surface, deadly corrupt at its roots.

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I left 3 gardens out, my herb, pumpkin/squash,cucumber gardens. Didn’t want to overwhelm you all…ha! Seriously, I only do one patch at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed. I work a couple of hours a day and amazingly I grow enough food to feed at least 4 people most of the year.

74 alkaline Foods For Your Health

Most of our problems would be solved if we would limit the acid causing foods in our diet, avoid fluoride in our water, and eat organic.  My pancreas and gallbladder no longer cause me any pain. My thyroid is back online, my skin looks great. Even better, more energy, clearer thinking and I am happy, a subtle happy from having a happy body, which helps the mind find stability.  Side-effect you will lose weight.

Did you know table salt manufactures here in America no longer add iodine? Do you know without iodine our endocrine system cannot function at its best?  Thyroid, breast glands, prostrate, all your glands need iodine. I order about 5lbs a year of Atlantic Kelp powder and add it to my soups and green smoothies. No wonder thyroid, prostate, and breast cancers are going through the roof. We no longer get the foods that help our bodies function correctly.

Even my husband notices his hands and feet no longer get chilled in the winter. I bet he will be happy to know his prostrate will stay healthy through his elder years too!

A healthy thyroid means great energy, clear thinking, and healthy weight. Take care of your glands and eat a bit of kelp every day!

1 cup of collard and turnip tops.

1 cup of peaches

1/2 gallon of fluoride free water. Fluoride causes cancer and will kill your thyroid if it isn’t full of iodine.

2 tablespoons of kelp powder. Make sure kelp is not from the pacific ocean because of Fukushima radiation.

Stuff everything in a powerful blender with a cup or two of water, blend till smooth. Pour into a 1/2 gallon container and the rest of your water. Shake well and have a cup of green medicine! I don’t keep this mix more than a day. Sometimes I drink green smoothies every day. At the least 3 times a week. It gives me subtle steady energy and a smooth happy feeling. It’s not a kick in your butt high, so don’t be looking for a caffeine like energy kick, you will be disappointed.

Mina’s first introduction to our Chicks. Mina is almost a year old now and the chicks are two weeks old. Mina is an excellent guard dog, gentle with the hens and chasing away hawks, crows, and raccoons.  She was not liking the chicks at all but she sat as she was told. I’m gonna make her sit with the chicks a bit longer each day. She is very careful not to step on them as she tries to run away from their pecking at her toes and nose!

Mina is thinking, “Please do not peck at my nipples, they are tender, I just finished my first heat.”

Mina1 Mina2

Tonight I am writing a story including illustrations I told my Grandson during his stay with us a couple weekends ago to watch the chicks hatch. It’s about a little Chicago Teddy Bear the color of the Sun that protects kids from the darkness that lurks in our closets, under our beds, and in the dark corners of our minds. Sunny Teddy is his name and teaching courage is his game.

From today’s harvest, a box of chicks (no I am not eating the chicks), Cuckoo Maran’s eggs for our omelette, which will include fried collard greens, chives, garlic tops, and oregano . All grown in our backyard and totally organic. The safest way to get organic produce is to grow your own. Added benefit the confidence you feel knowing you can feed yourself through your own efforts.

The greens are from last years collard beds. You don’t have to plant collards every year and mine survived -4 degree farenheit for several weeks. The leaves froze but the stalk stayed valid and started producing leaves late winter. Additionally my carrots, onions, chives, and herbs survived as well.

I clean the brooder twice a day, moving the chicks into a small box whilst I clean. The chicks become familiar with handling with moving from brooder to box and back again. Chicks hatched from our incubator on the 21st of March. I handle them twice a day and they now have imprinted me as their Mom. They climb all over me and calm down when I talk with them.  I will be moving the clutch out to the barn with heat lamp in another week. The heat lamp will stay until they are fully feathered out around 5-6 weeks old. These are some very healthy happy Cuckoo Maran and Buff Brahma chicks! This is my favorite time of the year!

Red Russian Tobacco Seedlings

Just in case the economy collapses tobacco and their seeds will become excellent trade and barter items. If this never happens, I am having a blast growing these beautiful plants. I’m growing 5 varieties besides the Red Russian. Warning, do not grow tobacco near your produce gardens. For some reason tobacco plants limit growth in other plants. I plant mine in a separate area far away from the gardens. I learned this from a blog on growing Native American Tobaccos called Rusticas. I have a few varieties Rusticas and they are very vigorous growers and seed producers.

The seedlings look like all my other tobacco seedlings. Green and tiny. However that will change once this plant flowers. Beautiful red flowers. The plant is a great ornamental as well as a good smoke. Leaves cure up tan to light reddish tan with a mild flavor. I bought mine from Sustainable Seed Co. As soon as seedlings are strong enough I will transplant into paper pots and plant the first of June after all chance of frost is gone.

Red Russian is an unclassified tobacco.

It grows to around 3 feet in height and has very dark green leaves.

It produces a fair amount of tobacco, but its most striking feature is its large magenta red flowers which contrast against the deep green leaves.

A good dual purpose plant


Waking from Drunkenness on a Spring Day, Li Po (c. 750, trans. Arthur Waley, 1919)

“Life in the World is but a big dream;

I will not spoil it by any labour or care.”

So saying, I was drunk all the day,

Lying helpless at the porch in front of my door.

When I woke up, I blinked at the garden-lawn;

A lonely bird was singing amid the flowers.

I asked myself, had the day been wet or fine?

The Spring wind was telling the mango-bird.

Moved by its song I soon began to sigh,

And as wine was there I filled my own cup.

Wildly singing I waited for the moon to rise;

When my song was over, all my senses had gone.


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