We are Moving and Packing Up the House

Sold my Chickens, but not my canning jars! I really miss my chickens. I am constantly looking out the windows checking to make sure no hawks are trying to grab a snack. Every morning for the last 4 years I would get up in the morning, feed the chickens and let them out to free range. I miss that routine. I would be starting my first incubator batch of chicks right now. It takes 21 days for the little ones to hatch. This is a little Buff Brahma chick. They are heritage chickens and on the watch livestock list. http://www.livestockconservancy.org/index.php/heritage/internal/brahma


The beginning of March we will be on the road and heading for our new home. We are using a moving Pod and I love moving this way. You can pack and move at your leisure, added bonus we saved thousands of dollars. With a big family with lots of stuff I don’t know if this would work as well. We used a moving company that packed up everything and took a month to move our stuff two thousand miles. With a Pod it only takes 10 days to move our house two thousand miles. We do the packing the Pod company does the moving.  We started packing early, packing our stuff just a bit at a time. Now it’s getting to crunch time and I won’t be able to post much. As you have seen I haven’t been very active on WordPress. I will get back to writing and posting sometime in April.

I won’t completely stop, anything interesting that comes up I will post something.

In a couple more months I will be planting a new garden and teaching people who to grow their own gardens.



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