Straw Bale Garden Update – 1

My Husband helped me move our straw bales to a sunnier part of the front yard. Pictures of straw bale gardens … The straw bales are heavier now because I soaked them with water for the last 10 days to help the bacteria in my fertilizer and in the straw break down the straw into usable elements for my plants.

The reason I moved the bales, I had a dream last night that my tomatoes had become leggy without enough sun, nothing worse than leggy tomatoes. I will plant some shade loving flowers and salad stuff where the straw bales used to be. I am also keeping my neighbors entertained. I am sure they are thinking, “What is that crazy Oregonian doing now?”  I think I will plant more calendula and wild flowers too. Maybe I will make my front yard one big wildflower meadow, no need to mow or weed!

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