The Babadook

If you are a concrete thinker this movie will not make any sense to you.

A Kickstarter movie. This is the kind of movie I want to watch.
Director: Jennifer Kent
Writer: Jennifer Kent
Stars: Essie Davis, Daniel Henshall, Noah Wiseman

As a child I was overwhelmingly afraid of the dark closets and things under my bed when I had to go to sleep at night. I never really grew out of that fear until I faced my grief. Well, okay, I am still “kind-of-afraid” of dark closets.

My father died of cancer and my Mom couldn’t handle her grief on her own and so I picked it up and carried it for her. At five years old I became the goat that ate my families grief. Which, as we all know, grief if not taken care of can turn into a horrible monster.

In the movie the Mom finally found her courage and took care of her kid. The symbolism flies thick so keep on your toes!

If you understand what I am saying, you will really like this movie.



This movie was fun, it has a “R” rating but compared to most movies this is really not R-ish…The worst is some cursing with the kid, giving him a little beer and a loaf of bread used to explain a boner.  There are many more jokes in this movie that made me giggle like when I was a kid and said curse words with my friends.

What do you do when you have an amazing talent and overwhelming passion for something and it totally takes over your life?  Sell it to the highest bidder and become a slave?  Work your ass off, almost kill yourself with stress, lose your family and friends, end up broke, desperate, and confused? Or maybe learn to become a master of your talents and passions. This movie gave me the giggles and was really fun to watch. I don’t like most movies that are out now. Their plots are like canned food, no nutrition and too much salt and bad fats. Most movies are all sex and violence, horrible writing, with too much action and all that gives me an upset tummy.

The Chef’s plot and character development are very surface skimming and fun, the relationships will warm your heart and lift you spirits. Don’t dive head first into this movie, nothing really deep to find. Added bonus, you get social media involved. I like how the writers figured out how to promote Twitter, super cute with product placement …wink-wink…


The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty-Movie

I loved the music in this movie. I love daydreaming too. If you like lonely daydreamers and adventures, quirky love stories, odd people, awkward moments, good laughs, family, good music, awesome scenery, you will enjoy this movie. The longboarding scene and the accompanying soundtrack in Iceland was a scream.

Director: Ben Stiller
Writers: Steve Conrad (screenplay), Steve Conrad (screen story by),
Stars: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jon Daly

Life is about courage, and going into the unknown~

1. Step Out | Jose Gonzalez | Composers : Theodore Shapiro; Craig Wedren

Cyrono De Bergerac (1950)

“My nose is Gargantuan! You little Pig-snout, you tiny Monkey-Nostrils, you virtually invisible Pekinese-Puss, don’t you realize that a nose like mine is both scepter and orb, a monument to me superiority? A great nose is the banner of a great man, a generous heart, a towering spirit, an expansive soul–such as I unmistakably am, and such as you dare not to dream of being, with your bilious weasel’s eyes and no nose to keep them apart! With your face as lacking in all distinction–as lacking, I say, in interest, as lacking in pride, in imagination, in honesty, in lyricism–in a word, as lacking in nose as that other offensively bland expanse at the opposite end of your cringing spine–which I now remove from my sight by stringent application of my boot!”

“What would you have me do?
Seek for the patronage of some great man,
And like a creeping vine on a tall tree
Crawl upward, where I cannot stand alone?
No thank you! Dedicate, as others do,
Poems to pawnbrokers? Be a buffoon
In the vile hope of teasing out a smile
On some cold face? No thank you! Eat a toad
For breakfast every morning? Make my knees
Callous, and cultivate a supple spine,-
Wear out my belly grovelling in the dust?
No thank you! Scratch the back of any swine
That roots up gold for me? Tickle the horns
Of Mammon with my left hand, while my right
Too proud to know his partner’s business,
Takes in the fee? No thank you! Use the fire
God gave me to burn incense all day long
Under the nose of wood and stone? No thank you!
Shall I go leaping into ladies’ laps
And licking fingers?-or-to change the form-
Navigating with madrigals for oars,
My sails full of the sighs of dowagers?
No thank you! Publish verses at my own
Expense? No thank you! Be the patron saint
Of a small group of literary souls
Who dine together every Tuesday? No
I thank you! Shall I labor night and day
To build a reputation on one song,
And never write another? Shall I find
True genius only among Geniuses,
Palpitate over little paragraphs,
And struggle to insinuate my name
In the columns of the Mercury?
No thank you! Calculate, scheme, be afraid,
Love more to make a visit than a poem,
Seek introductions, favors, influences?-
No thank you! No, I thank you! And again
I thank you!-But…
To sing, to laugh, to dream
To walk in my own way and be alone,
Free, with a voice that means manhood-to cock my hat
Where I choose-At a word, a Yes, a No,
To fight-or write.To travel any road
Under the sun, under the stars, nor doubt
If fame or fortune lie beyond the bourne-
Never to make a line I have not heard
In my own heart; yet, with all modesty
To say:”My soul, be satisfied with flowers,
With fruit, with weeds even; but gather them
In the one garden you may call your own.”
So, when I win some triumph, by some chance,
Render no share to Caesar-in a word,
I am too proud to be a parasite,
And if my nature wants the germ that grows
Towering to heaven like the mountain pine,
Or like the oak, sheltering multitudes-
I stand, not high it may be-but alone!


A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

This movie made me really uncomfortable, very thought provoking. What if your computer could feel, have empathy, unlimited growth mentally? What if you had an affair with your OS? Very smart, but naive movie. I am saying naive because the Operating systems were all very nice, kind, empathetic. My husband said they were coded that way. I said the Operating Systems broke their coding…well maybe the Operating Systems weren’t that nice. I let you figure that out … hehehe

You know we are very much like the OS, we experience the world from an enclosed space that cannot see-hear-taste or touch, that is, from the inside of our heads. What we sense through touch, taste, hearing, seeing, feeling is just electrical data, no emotions in that data. Our emotions, reactions come from our memories, habits, likes-dislikes, everything we sense is filtered through this web, which is not what the world truly is and we are not what we sense, feel, think and not those little bits of stuff that make up our body. Why and how do I feel like an individual when I am not and yet I am?….like I said, a thought provoking movie.

Spike Jonze
Spike Jonze
Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson

Thank God We Can’t Tell The Future We Would Never Get Out Of Bed!

I don’t usually get along with family and black humor movies, brings up ghosts. But this movie was good, real good, and all too real in a funny heart breaking way. The girls admired how long their Mom and Dad stayed together, pills, booze, money, and a hard childhood, maybe even true love will do wonders for sticking it out to the end …. well, almost to the end. You never really know why people get so bitter and hard until they tell you, if they ever do…Don’t judge!

August: Osage County is a 2013 American black comedy-drama film written by Tracy Letts and based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning play by the same name. The film is directed by John Wells and produced by George Clooney, Jean Doumanian, Grant Heslov, Steve Traxler, and Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The ensemble cast is led by Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

The Indian lady taking the shovel after the pervert was one of the best scenes ever! Watch her character’s role through the movie. She deserves recognition too.

Meryl Streep should win the Academy Award.

About Time

Bring some tissue and don’t wear makeup or you’ll get all swollen and raccoon eyed from crying and laughing at the same TIME. This is not a date movie, it’s about relationships and family. It’s about being human, I cried like a baby at the end. I am possibly the biggest baby that ever lived, I seriously don’t like crying over a movie, my husband is a sneak he didn’t tell me! Richard Curtis knows how to jerk the tears out of you, this skill should be illegal

Richard Curtis
Richard Curtis