Rare Snow Storm? We Live Up North, It Snows Here!

Rare Snow Storm?

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When I was growing up, 6 feet of snow was normal every couple years up in the foothills of the Cascades. Of course back in the 60s, we didn’t have so many cars and no freeways. People took care when they were out and about because we didn’t have insurance, we had to be careful, there was no one to save our sorry butts if we weren’t careful. News feeds show people wrecking their cars and trucks on the freeway going to work. How about staying home when the streets are covered with ice? Or at least driving slowly? The pioneers built doors in the peak of their attic in case of deep snow. These kinds of snow storms are not unusual up north, it snows here, that’s what it does up in the Northern climates, talk about fear mongering. Weather follows the cycles of the sun and our magnetic poles. Both our poles and the sun are acting strange, Earth’s magnetic poles are flipping (it happens, it’s normal) and the sunspot activity is very low. This pole flip and low sun activity means erratic weather patterns. Up north we have to be very aware of weather or we die. Any farmer or hunter worth their salt knows what’s coming. We pay attention to natures cycles with our Almanac. http://www.almanac.com/ It seems we have lost our common sense and our history. People don’t know how to take care of themselves anymore. No one else will do this for us. Especially our self serving government.

Common sense tells you don’t build your home out of bricks if you live near fault lines. Don’t build your home near the ocean cliffs or on the beach, don’t build your home in a floodplain. And for goodness sake have some supplies in your car if you get in trouble and food, water, alternative energy for your home if our energy and food grids go down!