Straw Bale Garden – Rain

It’s raining! Oklahoma has suffered from drought and because of the drought, finding straw bales has been difficult. A local feed store owner told me wheat production has suffered from the drought and that was why I had a hard time finding straw bales. Plenty of hay bales around, but they are too seedy-weedy-buggy for my first straw bale garden. I’ve read some people have used hay bales with success, however I found more negative comments than positive when reading about people experiences with hay bales.

The lovely rain has helped sprout all my grass and flower seeds….thank you…thank you…thank you!

Some pictures of my Calendula Flower seeds from my Oregon gardens have sprouted! I planted a good part of our lawn in beautiful hardy medicinal flowers. Calendula will grow just about anywhere. I’ve grown them in full shade, partial shade, and full sunlight. They seem to grow well in any kind of dirt and handle draught conditions very well, these hardy flowers grow from early spring until first frost.

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