Detox Month – Dinner

I had a horrible headache today, mostly likely from the salad I ate at the restaurant we dinned at yesterday. Most of the time restaurants unless stated do not serve organic food. I ate a bunch of kimchi  for lunch today with my soup and rice and the headache is finally gone. That is the price one pays when eating clean for so long. Industrial food kicks one’s ass very quickly. I have had absolutely no cravings today. I wonder how long that will last?

For breakfast I made buckwheat and kelp biscuits, I am reluctant to post this recipe because these biscuits are an acquired taste. I’ve drunk sage, oregano, and lemon balm tea all day, yummy!

I first rinsed and soaked brown rice for a couple of hours. Liquid used to cook rice was from this years canned tomatoes I added tomato juice and cooked rice until tender. One cup of rice to two cups of liquid, 1/2 tsp of salt, add lid to cover cooking rice, cook at medium low until liquid is gone, remove from heat, stir rice and let sit. You can freeze or refrigerate and use this rice for what ever meal you wish.

I buy my organic rice in 20lb bags from our local organic cooperative. As I stated in previous blogs buying in bulk saves me 30 to 50% on my food bill.

I added some of my gardens canned hot peppers and the rice I cooked up to the soup I cooked last night. This meal hardly took any effort and is very inexpensive. Soup Recipe

Detox soup