My Happiness Jar

My Scratch Living blog will be my happiness jar. I will post a little note at the end of every day about what made me happy. I tend to notice things that don’t make me happy and I would like to change my view. I am going to start paying attention to those little happy events I run into all the time. They are there, just more subtle compared to things that don’t make me happy.

Today several things made me happy. I woke up and hugged my husband. I do that daily, so I won’t mention that one again. My foot didn’t hurt today, it’s been aching since this last summer, I hurt it and I think it’s finally healed. The grass sparkled like it had diamonds strewn about as the sun shone on the frozen dew-drops.   I bent over and cleaned out the chickens feeding trough and no pain in my leg or back and it was freezing cold all day. I was pretty much pain-free today. I made tofu today and it turned out perfect! This photo makes me really happy. This years Cuckoo Marans chicks we hatched in our incubators. We hatched around a 100 this year. The chicks have grown and are laying eggs or in someone’s freezer. Yummy, a plate full of fuzzy cute chicks!

Chicks on a plate
Chicks on a plate

2 thoughts on “My Happiness Jar

  1. What a wonderful exercise …a daily post on happiness! The greatest bliss can be found in the smallest of details. Our quiet moments give us words worth recording. Thank you for your sharing and for the follow and likes.

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