Scratch Cooking Tofu

I thought I had blogged my homemade tofu recipe. I was wrong, here is a link to a great recipe. I’ve developed my own recipes now. La Fuji Mama’s website is fun and her recipes are very easy to follow. If I can learn how to make organic homemade tofu, anyone can!

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Scratch Cooking Tofu

Soaked my soybean overnight. Ready to grind raw bean up into a pulp, cook it, press out liquid, save pulp for drying. Okara from dried soybean pulp makes a great flour. Cook up liquid to just boiling, add trigger for coagulation (nori). I will save some liquid, soy milk before second cooking, I add it to my green smoothies. Some of the beans I’m saving to sprout, add the sprouts to my seaweed soup. Sea Veggies are from the Atlantic because of Fukashima radiation problems here on the Northern West Coast of America.

Before I healed my gut, through eating organic foods and growing my own veggies, I couldn’t eat any beans or wheat. My stomach and lower gut didn’t have the proper flora, fauna, “blood pH” balance was way too acidic, killing off much of my gut bugs and plants, which broke down food so my gut could easily…

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