DIY Probiotic For Your Health

Science is finding our gut flora and fauna feed our body and impact our physical and mental health. Anything that harms life here on earth harms our gut life too. From dirt to gut, herbicides, pesticides, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and processed foods are destroying our health and life on this earth. Restore your health by making your own probiotics with fermented foods. Compared to the expensive probiotics bought in the store, making your own is very cheap and very easy.

Scratch Living

Do it yourself fermented foods have not only restored my gut health, they have also chased away my fatigue and cognitive fog/depression I’ve battled with for years. Most important, gut health is immune system health. With rising costs of healthcare and strange illness our immune system does not know, showing up through our open border policy, we need a healthy immune system. Here is the secret about why probiotic from naturally fermented foods are little miracle workers.

“Within this one side dish there are 12 strains of Lactobacillus acquired through the fermentation process- and all 12 were “able to survive gastrointestinal conditions simulating stomach and duodenum passage”. Furthermore, these strains had a higher adherence to the gut than a Lactobacillus strain (rhamnosus GG) that’s already being used commercially as a probiotic.>>Click here for my feature in Total Beauty Magazine: Believe in Bacteria<<Though L. rhamnosus isn’t a slacker strain…

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