One Drawing A Day – 13

Rest in peace François.

Red Dust Art

François and His Gauloises

Several years ago we bought a bunch of chicks and one little Roo was so sweet we kept him for our main rooster. We named him François, a purebred Dominique with perfect body and feather confirmation.  My husband asked me to draw a picture of him in sitting at a table with a glass of Cognac and french cigarettes called Gauloises.  François had worn himself out making sure all his hens were fertilized and caught a cold. His immune system just wasn’t strong enough to put up a good fight and I had to put him down.

I finally have time for this project. I will finish this piece off with Prismacolored pencils. The Polish dancing hens look like Big Bird in Sesame Street. I wasn’t thinking about Big Bird when I drew this out.

In Memory of François In Memory of François

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