US hospitals make more money when surgery goes wrong

When suffering is profitable you are going to get a heap more suffering! I just read car dealerships make the most profit from fixing up the cars they sell.

The researchers analyzed data from 34,256 surgical inpatients discharged in 2010 from a non-profit, 12-hospital system in the southern United States. A total of 1,820 procedures were identified with at least one complication.

They found that complications were associated with a $39,017 higher profit margin per patient ($55,953 vs. $16,936) for privately insured patients. For Medicare patients, the profit margin per patient was higher by $1,749 ($3,687 vs. $1,880)


“hospitals would see their financial performance hurt if they reduced complications”

17 Apr 2013


US hospitals face a disincentive to improve care because they make drastically more money when surgery goes wrong than when a patient is discharged with no complications, a study published Tuesday found.

“We found clear evidence that reducing harm and improving quality is perversely penalized in our current health care system,” said study author Sunil Eappen, chief medical officer of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

An estimated $400 billion is spent on surgery in the United States every year.

Privately insured patients with complications provide hospitals with a 330 percent higher profit margin than those whose surgeries went smoothly, the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found.

Patients whose bills are paid by Medicare — a government insurance plan for the elderly and disabled — produced a 190 percent higher…

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