Perfection After a Gazzilion Failures

Hand-milled fresh wheat flour is very different from the flour we buy in our grocery stores, even if it is organic and whole wheat. I will go into the differences when I post my recipes. I spent hours hand grinding grain just to have my freshly milled grain products turn into hockey pucks or a gooey lump. Why not buy an electric grinder? I didn’t want to spend $400 to $800 dollars for an electric grinder. What if the electricity goes out? Plus I am frugal, that’s a lot of money. Bonus, hand-milling is an upper body workout, no need to go to the gym if you grind your own grain! You will burn off all the calories you take in from the bread you are going to eat.

Today I made perfect bread and buckwheat lemon bars for Thanksgiving.

I will share the recipes after Thanksgiving. I’m still cooking as I write this. I needed to show off two years of practice! I saw an article online about lining bread pans with parchment paper. Hand ground wheat products are fragile and delicate. I crumbled so many loaves of fresh bread trying to break them out of the pan. Now all I have to do is lift them out of the bread-pan, no extra lubricant!


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