Anatis In Lux

I am starting some face drawings tonight and working on the layout for my next painting. My wordpress friend 7891samoth has inspired me to try and pop out a pencil drawing a day. His are really good ❤

Red Dust Art

I have finished the painting and I think I will stick with this title. I hate signing paintings and that’s probably why I will never sell anything. Now, a couple of drawings of faces and beginning a new painting of a horse running in water. I think I will stick myself as a kid on the horse, riding bareback with only bailing twine for a bridle. I grew up with a horse crazy mother who showed and bred Morgan horses. I started riding when I was four years old until we sold all the horses when I turned ten or eleven, maybe I was twelve, I can’t remember. I think I will tell some stories of my riding adventures and friendships with the horses along with posting pictures as I progress through the layers of the painting. That will be a fun way to blog.

Finished Finished

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