Duck To Light 9

I am so ready to finish this painting. If I were having a baby, I would be screaming at the doctor, pull that damn thing out!

Red Dust Art

More highlights and details needed, tons of work left to do on the yellow trail of highlighted water. I want the feeling this duck is swimming through the universe made up of light. Another day of headaches to go along with earthquakes a few epicenters a couple of miles down the road from us. Nothing big 1.6 to 2.8, didn’t feel anything. Down south-east, over a thousand on the Oregon-Nevada border near Lakeview Oregon and the Sheldon Contiguous Study Area in Nevada. My husband is getting headaches as well. Now I am looking at getting this picture done tomorrow, at least 4 hours of detail work to do. Unless we have a big earthquake and we gotta make a run for it. Bug-out bag is ready…ha!

Duck 9

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