Duck To Light 7

Nothin better than listening to my favorite album and painting.

Red Dust Art

I haven’t figured out a title for this painting. Finishing the last layer, five layers in all. All my paintings this winter will have water included. I am going to master water, I must learn to let go and go with the flow. Fine detail, highlights, scrubbing away paint will be included in this last layer. I set deadlines on my work, only a day behind, I was carried away making bread on Thursday… I am a big procrastinator regarding my paintings. I don’t want to let them go….

Finishing 5th layer. Finishing 5th layer.

Listening to to Monsters and Men Album–My Head is an Animal

Of Monsters and Men – King And Lionheart

Monsters and Men remind me of the dreams I used to have as a kid ❤

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