Go Out and Vote!

I vote every day through the use of my time and money. Going out and voting for officials I’ve seen no change except more poverty, more war, more chaos, more taxes, more inflation, and more ignorance. Governments build more suffering, that’s all I’ve seen in my 50 years of living.

I’ve seen amazing, healthy, happy, sustainable change supporting my health, family, friends, healthy local corporations and small local businesses and farms.

Don’t feed the beast!

Just picture a blob of flesh with a mouth as big as the biggest building you’ve seen. A brown stinking pile of quivering flesh sitting in a huge cave screaming louder than a Thunderscreech jet. Screaming in a hunger that will never end. A train with you in it is heading for its mouth. The train is crossing a bridge that spans a bottomless gorge. What do you do? Do you jump, stop the train, or go into the mouth of the beast? That’s our global culture now!

This was a night terror I had with fever from the age of 3 until I finished my first two Vipassana retreats. I would only suffer night terrors with a fever or very high stress. After my 2nd or 3rd retreat panic attacks and night terrors were gone for good. It’s been over 20 years and no panic attacks or night terrors. I also dumped a lot of mental and physical toxins along the way.

I had felt riding that night terror dream train, I must take that jump into the unknown. Climb out the trains window and jump into the bottomless gorge. However, I’ve changed my mind. I am going into the belly of the beast and blow it up with the light of wisdom! Wisdom I am speaking of is prajna.


Paññā (Pāli) or prajñā (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञा), “wisdom”, is insight in the true nature of reality, namely dukkha, non-self and impermanence, and emptiness.


I’ve gotta do a painting of my childhood monster. I’m gonna make him eat light!

Everything can be used as an aid to waking up.
Everything can be used as an aid to waking up.

I painted a picture of my meditation adventure over 20 years ago. My Mom married a very abusive person who was also a child molester. My parents would lock me in my room for noncompliance for weeks because I wouldn’t let my stepfather touch me or kiss me. He would vilify me through insinuation or just plain lying about how horrible I was. I wouldn’t fight him, I just refused to comply. I’ve fought this monster from the age of 7 untill I was sent to a foster-home and he left me alone. I fought the memories most of my life. Finally I became tired of fighting and found a map that showed me a way out of my past, intrusive memories, and emotions.

Our government has the same characteristics as my controlling, abusive, stepfather. It is time for all of us to wake up and walk away from abusive relationships. If you hear the government telling ya that this group or that person is bad. Take another look, do some research. More than likely the government is acting just like my stepfather. Let’s all start building a healthy and happy life. Hope is for the hopeless.