Independent Review Discovers that NCDC Fumbles Data Handling in GHCN Climate Data

I am not surprised.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Bob Koss

Being an old retired guy with time on my hands, this summer I decided to find out just how well GHCN-Monthly follows their own methodology in regard to data collection. What I discovered is, they don’t. My remarks below relate strictly to the GHCN monthly unadjusted dataset on which their final adjusted dataset is based. At the end of this article are links to some verifications of what I discuss.

For those unfamiliar with the organizations involved, a few terms are defined.

The Global Historic Climate Network(GHCN), a part of the National Climatic Data Center(NCDC), is the repository other global temperature data analysts turn to for many of their data sources. Monthly Climatic Data of the World(MCDW) is also a part of NCDC and separately compiles a less extensive set of monthly data than GHCN. US Historic Climate Network(USHCN) is a network of stations completely…

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