Fall, Mushrooms, and Pizza

Friday is my day off, I try to do nothing. But we don’t go shopping at a store anymore, all our food is stored, canned, and in the garden. If I want bread I have to hand grind the grain. It’s a workout but the taste is out of this world! My husband who has been all over the world says my crust taste just like thin crust Italian Pizza (the square kind). I have no clue since I have never been to Italy. I’ll take his word for it.

If I had known there were mushrooms ready to eat in my backyard I would have been all over them. They can grow over night and are full of flies within 24 hours. I gotta to get to them quickly! I don’t like the Russulas, the red capped white gilled ones. They won’t kill you but if you get the bitter ones you will get a stomach ache! but they are very pretty.


4 thoughts on “Fall, Mushrooms, and Pizza

    1. As soon as I get the dough recipe to where I like it, I will post. The dough is made from fresh hand ground kamut, soft white wheat, and red wheat. The hull has been sifted out. Fresh ground grain will go rancid within 2 hours if not frozen or refrigerated. All the oils and nutrients are taken out of commercial flour so it can be stored for long periods of time. I am figuring out how to work with this fresh ground flour it’s behavior is unlike any commercial flour I’ve worked with. I still haven’t perfected fluffy bread. I have tortillas, biscuits, and cookies down!

        1. Okay! I just made Buckwheat and Kamut (an ancient type of wheat grain) biscuits with coconut oil/egg. It’s been a real struggle to fined the proper balance of oil/wet and flour mix. They mix very differently compared to butter and store bought flour. This time the mix turned out perfectly! I remembered to write the recipe down too…hahaha ❤

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