One Draw A Day – 11

Catching the personality with a smile is very difficult. More practice is needed catching someone’s smile. My oldest daughter and son-in-law make a beautiful couple.

Red Dust Art

I screwed up on Jason’s teeth. One of the reasons I am drawing portraits, I am horrible at hands and teeth, a smile scares the heck out of me. No more avoiding my fears or mistakes. To make matters worse, I tried to fix my mistake with gouache paint. Learned my lesson, start light and use the darkness modestly and avoid mixing mediums unless you plan to form the get-go.

Pencil HB&B6 Pencil HB&B6

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Perfection After a Gazzilion Failures

Hand-milled fresh wheat flour is very different from the flour we buy in our grocery stores, even if it is organic and whole wheat. I will go into the differences when I post my recipes. I spent hours hand grinding grain just to have my freshly milled grain products turn into hockey pucks or a gooey lump. Why not buy an electric grinder? I didn’t want to spend $400 to $800 dollars for an electric grinder. What if the electricity goes out? Plus I am frugal, that’s a lot of money. Bonus, hand-milling is an upper body workout, no need to go to the gym if you grind your own grain! You will burn off all the calories you take in from the bread you are going to eat.

Today I made perfect bread and buckwheat lemon bars for Thanksgiving.

I will share the recipes after Thanksgiving. I’m still cooking as I write this. I needed to show off two years of practice! I saw an article online about lining bread pans with parchment paper. Hand ground wheat products are fragile and delicate. I crumbled so many loaves of fresh bread trying to break them out of the pan. Now all I have to do is lift them out of the bread-pan, no extra lubricant!

One Picture a Day – 8

I need to pay more attention to the outline light gradient…I was cold and in a hurry. My concentration is improving…I have the best art friends on wordpress that are so inspiring, that really helps too!

Red Dust Art

Hands are very hard to draw. More practice needed, I haven’t tried to draw hands in over a decade. Now that I am drawing people I will be drawing many studies of hands.

Technique for shading is crosshatching. Technique for shading is crosshatching.

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Scientists unveil secrets of important natural antibiotic

This is why it is so important to sweat! Now fevers and sweating make sense!


An international team of scientists has discovered how an important natural antibiotic called dermcidin, produced by our skin when we sweat, is a highly efficient tool to fight tuberculosis germs and other dangerous bugs.

Their results could contribute to the development of new antibiotics that control multi-resistant bacteria.

Scientists have uncovered the atomic structure of the compound, enabling them to pinpoint for the first time what makes dermcidin such an efficient weapon in the battle against dangerous bugs.

Although about 1700 types of these natural antibiotics are known to exist, scientists did not until now have a detailed understanding of how they work.

The study, carried out by researchers from the University of Edinburgh and from Goettingen, Tuebingen and Strasbourg, is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Sweat spreads highly efficient antibiotics on to our skin, which protect us from dangerous bugs. If our skin becomes injured…

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Fall Cooking Adventures

Every evening I steam a bunch of squash for part of our chickens food called mash, which I make the next morning. I mash-up the steamed squash and add dinner leftovers plus grain. I set the grain in water for two hours, rinse and let sit overnight. This starts the process of sprouting and is easier for our chickens to digest. The chickens also free-range for their greens and protein, grass and bugs are their favorite food. I’ve never had a healthier bunch of chickens. Much of the food my chickens eat is free from our garden and lawn. I buy bulk grain from our local organic farmers and share it with my chickens, buying bulk saves a lot of money. When it starts snowing I will also share our garden greens. Chickens need greens as much as humans do. We also use squash and pumpkin pulp for stews, soups, noodles, bread, cookies, and biscuits.

I read that squash and pumpkins are a super food because of the orange color, fiber, micro nutrients and minerals. I think this is why our chickens are so healthy for the last 3 years. My first year, out of the 4 years I have raised chickens, I lost many chickens to the flu. I did some research and found their food sources have become polluted just like humans with herbicides and pesticides that kill gut bacteria. Gut bacteria, yeast, fungus help break down the food we eat, this is the same for any animal including my chickens. Their immune system is in their gut just like humans. I haven’t lost a chicken to illness since I started feeding them organic and from my garden.

Once a week my Husband and I take turns grinding grain for bread, biscuits, and cookies. He will grind grain without complaining for cookies. I think it’s an excellent trade! I am still figuring out the proper ratio of yeast and other ingredients that will make a great yeasty bread. I found adding fruit pulp, vinegar, yogurt really help the yeast thrive and helps the flour soften and stretch when kneading. Making bread from fresh hand milled flour is different from store-bought flour. I think the difference has to do with the extreme processing factory flour goes through. All the nutrients are stripped out through chemical processing and the grain is ground very finely, so fine that the flour will turn into cement like goo in our digestive system if we can’t digest it. Also fresh ground grain will go rancid within a few hours if left at room temperature. If I have any wheat flour left over I pop it in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer. I also make flour from buckwheat. It is much easier to grind and sift, plus the flour does not go rancid like wheat. Although the buckwheat flour will mold if it has any moisture. I usually place buckwheat flour in a jar or bag and store it in the fridge if I don’t use it right away. It also makes a great thickener for sauces, stews, and soups.

Still working on perfecting a pizza. My husband loved this one made with sausage, peppers, tomato paste, garlic, onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I strained out all the liquid from some steamed canned tomatoes and made a lovely tomato paste. Our Garden tomatoes came in a variety of colors. The paste and sauces aren’t bright red like store-bought tomato products. After I add all the spices the end product taste better than the factory processed item.

Water Horse – 1

I need to add some food blogs to Scratch Living. I’m a one project at a time kind of person. When I start creating art, all I want to think about is the project I am working on. I’m still cooking and trying out different recipes using food grown from my garden and bought in bulk. But I did a lot of cooking whilst canning. All I have to do is pop open a mason jar full of precooked garden produce and mix ingredients, there is very little prep work to do! Cooking and canning like a crazy person during the fall paid off. I don’t have to cook too much during the winter. Works out perfectly when I start getting single-minded on projects.

We haven’t gone to a market for two months. We just went shopping for my Husband, he has to have his cheese, chocolate, and special bread once in a while. I could totally live off of what I can grow if it were just me to feed. We shouldn’t have to go shopping for another couple of months.

Red Dust Art

This is the beginning of a watercolor painting. I’m trying to figure out which patterns in the water I want to pick up and ignore. I get headaches trying to figure water out. I did the same thing with rocks, trees, clouds, and people. I know I can get water too. I’ve drawn horses since I was 5-6 years old. I would watch Mom paint and think, I could do that better, hers are too stiff. Mom would ask me to critic her paintings so it was a natural progression for me to try to put my visions on paper too. I’m still working on getting it right. I don’t think I will ever be able to catch what I see exactly, but it’s so much fun trying.  And so much pain trying. Kind of like long distance running or sitting in meditation for an hour without moving. You get…

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One Drawing A Day – 6

This was too hard, I didn’t, couldn’t finish the drawing the way I saw her. I don’t know if I want to try again. Her pain is so real, I really want to try to capture it again.

Red Dust Art


I cried, I could see the child under her pain.  I didn’t do justice to what the photographer captured or the woman.  I read that depressed people like to look at ugly pictures or paintings. The world is not a pretty place, it has moments of wonder and beauty, as well and horror and hell. What I see usually has a mixture, especially when I pay attention.


taken from a photograph by Lee Jeffries

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I only have two granddaughters. This little one is overflowing with personality.

Red Dust Art

Theron’s little sister Evie, my only Son’s daughter, this is her funny face she makes to make her Mom and Dad laugh. Her Dad will say, “Evie, do your stink face.” She will wrinkly up her nose, squint her eyes, and frown. She likes to make people laugh, that is a nice quality to have.

Funny Face Funny Face

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Dalai Lama’s guide to happiness (8:06)

First I had to find out what happiness was, because the happiness I grew up with never brought lasting happiness. The Christmas type of happiness, you are lied to about Santa Claus being real and you only care about your gifts until they become old and boring. I realized I had been conditioned to be sad, scared, angry when there was no need to feel that way. I asked myself how I could uncondition myself from these mind states? Medication didn’t help, self help books and tapes didn’t help, prayers didn’t help, leaving abusive relationships didn’t help. I was reacting to old memories provoked by situations that didn’t warrant these emotions. That is, even though I had been abused as a kid, something out of my control, I am now an adult. I can say no to those who want to cause harm to me and others around me. I have to take responsibility for my emotional states of mind. How I react to something is no one’s responsibility even if they are psychopathic monsters. I will actually beat the holy shit out of you if you try and harm me or my friends and family. How do I say no to negativity and stop falling into negativity when I say no? I want to hit you on the head with a baseball bat, kind of angry when all you said was something silly and mean or I was triggered from old conditioning…hahaha…..I kept reacting as if I was an abused kid over stuff that was silly and had to do with the other persons negative conditioning and wouldn’t effect me. I was causing my suffering from my reactions to what I liked and didn’t like. I wanted to leave these conditioned reactions behind. I want to be able to pick up that bat and use it correctly or just walk away and leave that person’s crap alone so they can deal with it without carrying what happened me for days, weeks, months, or years. Overwhelming emotions, intrusive memories, uncontrollable triggers are a pain in the ass and no use at all in battle or daily life.

In meditation I got to see these gross emotions turn into light and bliss and then disappear. My insight was, these emotions and feelings don’t last and are made up of beautiful light. Just sit and watch them come and go and I’ve tried to take that experience off the meditation cushion for the last 20 years. It’s kind of like gardening, you just keep at it and don’t give up.

I like define happiness as contentment, it is subtle and not dependent on other people or things I may or may not have or control. I am content with who I am and what I have now. I don’t get lonely, but I still get sad, many times I still cry, I get my feelings hurt. But that’s okay, I no longer lose my temper or carry grudges that feel like hot iron in my heart. Such a relief!


I will finish the drawing this week, lots of smoothing out lines and erasing to add depth and contour. This “One Drawing A Day,” will make great presents. However, a drawing a day for a year, I don’t have that many friends or family. lololol

Red Dust Art

My oldest granddaughter cut her hair a couple of years ago. Most of us that have children have been through at least one child who gave themselves a hair cut. Elisabeth swore she didn’t do it. She told her Mom her Dad snuck in her room and cut her hair. Her Mom, my oldest daughter had given herself a hair cut around the same age. I had some good chuckles with my Daughter whilst she told me Elisabeth’s story. After much crying Elisabeth finally confessed she cut her hair. “Mom, I don’t know why I cut my hair,” she said, with a wail of frustration. My daughter told me she had to bite her lip to cut off her laughter. Kids are more entertaining than any computer, TV, smart phone, or gadget. If you have noticed how fun they are find one and make friends. You will find endless entertainment.

My Dad cut my hair Mom My Dad…

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Song of the Week (52)

I feel this song so much! Why should I watch or listen to something that makes me feel stressed and traumatized? What is going on in media is not entertainment to me. I can’t watch most TV, digital art, art, movies, news, or listen to most songs anymore. Too much violence coupled with sex and really loud noises that hurt my ears and heart. “Most, ” corporate media production and entertainment spew out really negative energy. I feel so much lighter, happier, positive, and productive now that I no longer let that stuff into my life. I do the same thing with people. You try to hand me your negativity, I will politely put it down and walk away.

Blogger at the Edge of the Universe.

‘Good People’ by Jack Johnson.

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Off to watch a Movie with my Husband. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! Spent most of my day getting the winter garden ready for the freezes. If I button up my greens with row covers, we will have fresh greens through the winter. Collards, kale, leeks, and chard are spendy when you buy organic. I save a ton of money taking a little extra time protecting winter greens.

Red Dust Art

I will finish this drawing this week. I did a quick sketch to find Theron’s personality and make good on my one drawing a day vow. I’m drawing all my grandkids. The drawings make lovely Christmas presents. This picture is from a photo taken of Theron holding his first newly hatched chick. Theron stayed with us for the week and helped me care for over 100 chicks hatched in our incubator boxes. We gave several hens to Theron’s parents this fall. One of them is this little chick. Buff Brahmas are heritage chickens that are endangered because of factory farming practices. They are very gentle large dual purpose chickens that make very good pets and egg layers.

As you can see Theron has a bit of an impish nature. As you can see Theron has a bit of an impish nature.

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One Drawing A Day – 1

More detail and even out the lines, especially around the eyes tomorrow. I am off to watch my favorite TV show, “Grim” on the computer. We don’t own a TV and I am so happy now.

Red Dust Art

A rough sketch of my grandson Sean.  Inspired by one of my WordPress Artist Friends.  What a challenge, it is the end of the day and don’t want to draw at all. I have drawn this portrait as quickly as possible to catch the personality. However, I left a lot of detail out, so I will probably finish it up tomorrow and complete another drawing for the “One Drawing a Day ” exercise, and start research for my horse and water, watercolor painting.

Number 1 Grandson Number 1 Grandson

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We Need a Name for the Imaginary Planet Simulated by Climate Models for the IPCC

I know a good name for the imaginary planet simulated climate models for the IPCC, “Paycheck” or “Easy Grants”.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

I recently ran across an article by Chelsea Harvey for BusinessInsider. It was the title that grabbed my attention: This Map Shows How Climate Change Will Screw The Whole World. Not just parts of the world, the “Whole World”. Wow. Interest piqued, I discovered she was referring to Figure 2.4 from the IPCC’s Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report (longer report), shown below. It appears to be the same as Figure SPM.8 from the 2014 Synthesis Report Summary for Policymakers. The author described the map of future risks as a “handy chart”. I love handy charts.

IPCC SYR Full Figure 2.4

The map resembles the planet Earth, where most of us reside. The continents are in the right places, and so are the oceans. But we know that’s not the Earth. The risks illustrated are based on climate models, and we know that climate models used by the…

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Anatis In Lux

I am starting some face drawings tonight and working on the layout for my next painting. My wordpress friend 7891samoth has inspired me to try and pop out a pencil drawing a day. His are really good ❤

Red Dust Art

I have finished the painting and I think I will stick with this title. I hate signing paintings and that’s probably why I will never sell anything. Now, a couple of drawings of faces and beginning a new painting of a horse running in water. I think I will stick myself as a kid on the horse, riding bareback with only bailing twine for a bridle. I grew up with a horse crazy mother who showed and bred Morgan horses. I started riding when I was four years old until we sold all the horses when I turned ten or eleven, maybe I was twelve, I can’t remember. I think I will tell some stories of my riding adventures and friendships with the horses along with posting pictures as I progress through the layers of the painting. That will be a fun way to blog.

Finished Finished

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