Banana Squash and Other Stuff

Today’s task list includes painting, canning, and hand milling grain for bread products. You see my very first banana squash, it weighed 15 pounds, grown in my garden. Banana squash is a heritage breed with a long history here in Americas. Most large heritage squash and pumpkins have become rare, to almost extinct because of size. Now that quality nutritious food is becoming so expensive growing large squash to feed family and livestock may bring the bigger squash back to our gardens and farms.

I will post my Pumpkin Gnocchi recipe after a couple more practice runs. It’s not that easy to make. My first two tries the gnocchi ended up tasting like rubbery dumplings…yuuuk! This last try was perfect! Now I have to get the visual down. My husband ate the rubbery ones anyway, but he is Dutch and they don’t waste time being polite or politically correct. He said, “This gnocchi taste like rubber!” I’ve never eaten gnocchi so this Redneck is pretty clueless.

Banana squash can trace its origins back to South America. Seeds from an archeological site in Peru matched the distinct identity of today’s banana cultivar. It would be traded and traveled to other regions within the Americas, yet maintain its identity as a true New World crop.

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