Fall and Winter Workout

Banish fatigue, mental fog, fat, and stiffness through using your body as the gym! No need for a gym during the winter weather here in rural Oregon. No need for fancy equipment either, use what you have.

For cardio Jillian Michaels workout videos are my favorite. They are short and intense. In my thirties and early forties I was a long distance runner before I hurt my back and lost the use of my right leg. I am slowly working my way back to running. By next year I will be hitting the roads. It’s been a ten-year journey figuring out how to heal my back and get back into shape while dealing with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I think chronic fatigue, fibro, and my back injury happened because of a chronic lack of nutrition caused by my medicine, fast and processed foods and genetically modified foods present in processed and fast foods. Eating healthy and healing my digestive system has been my primary focus. Without a healthy gut I can’t absorb all the healthy organic food I’ve been growing. Without proper nutrition the body cannot heal and protect itself. This also takes a toll on mental health and cognitive functions.

Everyday, five days a week, I do a workout for at least a hour. Once a month I change my cardio for a new routine to avoid boredom and my body getting used to the routine. I will still work in the gardens weather permitting. Mostly weeding, the weeds never stop here!

When the spring comes and I start planting the garden I will be in fighting shape! Benefits gained, saving money on healthcare. Staying active I don’t get the flu or colds or if I do, sickness last a couple of days rather than a couple of weeks. I avoid depression and fatigue, I am speaking from experience here. It seems being creative I walk the edge of emotional highs and lows. Working out evens my physical body and emotions out. Also I feel really good about myself. Through the month I go through high energy days and low energy days. I craft my workouts to fit into this monthly cycle.

I am in my mid-fifties and want to find out what it means to be fifty and in great shape as a fifty year old. I don’t want to look young and sexy. That’s exhausting from what I remember. I will be posting another article on my detox program. Everyone is different so will your nutritional needs, workouts, and detox program. I am sharing mine with links per request from a friend.<3


Banana Squash and Other Stuff

Today’s task list includes painting, canning, and hand milling grain for bread products. You see my very first banana squash, it weighed 15 pounds, grown in my garden. Banana squash is a heritage breed with a long history here in Americas. Most large heritage squash and pumpkins have become rare, to almost extinct because of size. Now that quality nutritious food is becoming so expensive growing large squash to feed family and livestock may bring the bigger squash back to our gardens and farms.

I will post my Pumpkin Gnocchi recipe after a couple more practice runs. It’s not that easy to make. My first two tries the gnocchi ended up tasting like rubbery dumplings…yuuuk! This last try was perfect! Now I have to get the visual down. My husband ate the rubbery ones anyway, but he is Dutch and they don’t waste time being polite or politically correct. He said, “This gnocchi taste like rubber!” I’ve never eaten gnocchi so this Redneck is pretty clueless.

Banana squash can trace its origins back to South America. Seeds from an archeological site in Peru matched the distinct identity of today’s banana cultivar. It would be traded and traveled to other regions within the Americas, yet maintain its identity as a true New World crop.

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