Plants Can Tell When They’re Being Eaten

By Dan Nosowitz on October 20, 2014

Eating a leaf off a plant may not kill it, but that doesn’t mean the plant likes it. The newest study to examine the intelligence (or at least behavior) of plants finds that plants can tell when they’re being eaten — and send out defenses to stop it from happening.

We’ve been hearing for decades about the complex intelligence of plants; last year’s excellent New Yorker piece is a good place to start, if you want to learn more about the subject. But a new study, conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri, managed to figure out one new important element: plants can tell when they’re being eaten, and they don’t like it.

The word “intelligence,” when applied to any non-human animal or plant, is imprecise and sort of meaningless; research done to determine “intelligence” mostly just aims to learn how similar the inner workings of another organism is to a human thought process. There’s certainly nothing evolutionarily important about these sorts of intelligence studies; a chimp is not superior to a chicken just because chimps can use tools the same way humans do. But these studies are fascinating, and do give us insight into how other organisms think and behave, whatever “think” might mean. Link To Article

I have several patches of celery I use as a flavoring for my dishes. This plant does not do well with freezes. I surround the plants with warm leaves and a frost cover. I will get celery all winter long and seeds in the summer!
I have several patches of celery I use as a flavoring for my dishes. This plant does not do well with freezes. I surround the plants with warm leaves and a frost cover. I will get celery all winter long and seeds in the summer!

Poor Vegans and Veggie people. No matter what you do you are going to hurt someone! Don’t hurt anyone in your own mind, that is where everything begins and ends…just watch as something comes up in your mind. Where does it come from and where does it go? Can’t avoid killing out of greed in this world, that is how we all move, unless you are a saint. Are you a saint? How many people’s feelings, happiness, dreams, and hopes have you killed lately telling people what they should and should not eat?


5 thoughts on “Plants Can Tell When They’re Being Eaten

  1. Interesting read, I myself am
    A vegan. Do you eat meat? Because what I got from reading this post was that either way whether a person eats animals or plants, we are still killing that animal or plant to feed ourself. Point taken, as I believe energy never dies it is only transferred. I believe meat eater or plant based eater everyone has a choice, a choice of their own life’s. If a person is a vegan, I say be a vegan well. The same if a person is a meat eater, I say be a meat eater well. My point we all have to EAT, whether we choose plant or animal in order for US to survive. Nobody wants to die right!

    1. Right now in our culture it is easy to be a vegan. But if our food grids go down and we have to eat local up in the northern climates this will be impossible. We live in a highly technological culture and our grids are VERY fragile, not sustainable. Our farming practices through factory farming is killing our eco-systems. That includes our heritage farming practices that are and were part of large eco systems. No matter what we eat we have an impact. Read about the wolves I posted and how positive their impact is within the eco systems they live in. If you are kind and wise that is what I think is the most important. I think we all want to live but I don’t know if animals think that much about dying as compared to human beings. I eat a little meat and raise heritage chickens, which I kill myself. I buy from local small farms that raise their livestock in a healthy sustainable way If my husband and I had to eat out of an industrial grid grocery store, we would go vegan. I think no matter what we do it all depends on how we hold our mind. That’s my take on this issue right now. Subject to change just like everything else in this world. I respect all people’s views just so long as they don’t force their views on me ❤

      1. You said something so true, ‘ i think no matter what we do it all depends on how we hold our minds’, this i agree with. So thank you. I myself, am a individual that likes to learn from others and ask them why? Anout their opinions, beliefs and views. This way i am able to learn and see things in the light they shine. Commenting on your post allowed mw to understand in more depth about the things i was unsure of from my first read. You sharing that you raise heritage chickens and kill them yourself, i respect that and i was like oooh makes sense. So its good to talk. I understand and thank you for shining more light. Good luck with all. And again whether we are vegan or meat eaters, eat well. X

        1. Our heritage livestock have symbiotic relationship with us, they need us to survive and we need them. This is how the world really works. Factory farming totally trashes this kind of relationship. Vegans and Thank you for your thoughtful feedback and comments. Vegans and Vegetarians, if they really care about their world should not buy products that are made and grown on the corporate factory grids. They are supporting the people who are causing global suffering, disease, famine, and destruction of our world. I really enjoy other people’s views. It would be such a boring world if everyone and everything was the same. Diversity is the key to sustainable healthy relationships.

          1. Off ourse i totaly agree.. And i myself with a passion STRONGLY IS AGAISNT factory farming its disgusting and off ourse what the do to the animals are worse! And i am a supporter of farming, and buying fresh fruit and veg from them as a pose to buying from supermarkets GM stock! Dont get me wrong i buy from supermarkets, and i must say i do more, but this is as it is the EASIEST option. There are alot more Tescos’ than there are live farmers markets and thats sad. But its all to do with MONEY!! These huge companies always have a way to put a huge hault on natural producers/ produce and reap benefits of taking the idea, on a mass scale and the money being diverted into their direction! So i understand.. We all have choice again. Its deep. X

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