Wolves That Change The Landscape

The word beast fits humans more than it does wolves.  Humans and wolves are both top predators. However, one changes their world in a positive way, beneficial for all. While the other causes so much suffering and pain for others. One is aware of their actions the other is only acting on instinct…


Solar flare danger – massive sunspot the size of Jupiter takes aim at Earth

Heads for her Faraday cage…..

Watts Up With That?

The potential for a massive solar flare directed at Earth is looming large.

Sunspot-AR12192-Jupiter-EarthAn SDO/HMI view of the visible sun showing the largest sunspot of solar cycle 24, AR12192. Image via http://www.thesuntoday.org

Since rotating into view, the sunspot group AR12192 has continued to grow in size and complexity, becoming the largest sunspot of the current solar cycle, cycle 24 (SC24.) The region has produced numerous C and M-class flares including an X1 flare.

Xray[1]More at the WUWT Solar Reference Page

Animation of sunspot AR2192:

AR12192-animGIF-fullsunImage via http://www.thesuntoday.org

NASA’s Spaceweather.com reports:

Solar activity is high. During the past 48 hours, monster sunspot AR2192 has produced a series of seven M-class solar flares of increasing intensity. The eruptions crossed the threshold into X-territory with an X1-class flare on Oct. 22nd. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a powerful flash of extreme UV radiation in the sunspot’s magnetic canopy at 14:30 UT:


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