This movie was fun, it has a “R” rating but compared to most movies this is really not R-ish…The worst is some cursing with the kid, giving him a little beer and a loaf of bread used to explain a boner.  There are many more jokes in this movie that made me giggle like when I was a kid and said curse words with my friends.

What do you do when you have an amazing talent and overwhelming passion for something and it totally takes over your life?  Sell it to the highest bidder and become a slave?  Work your ass off, almost kill yourself with stress, lose your family and friends, end up broke, desperate, and confused? Or maybe learn to become a master of your talents and passions. This movie gave me the giggles and was really fun to watch. I don’t like most movies that are out now. Their plots are like canned food, no nutrition and too much salt and bad fats. Most movies are all sex and violence, horrible writing, with too much action and all that gives me an upset tummy.

The Chef’s plot and character development are very surface skimming and fun, the relationships will warm your heart and lift you spirits. Don’t dive head first into this movie, nothing really deep to find. Added bonus, you get social media involved. I like how the writers figured out how to promote Twitter, super cute with product placement …wink-wink…



3 thoughts on ““Chef”

  1. I dragged my P.S. to this and he was skeptical going in. I think he laughed more than I did even! Totally fun movie, nothing deep, I agree, but you feel good as you walk out of the theater. Our kids are married and older, but even we liked watching the young man in the movie bond with his dad. And who doesn’t love John Leguizamo!

    1. Well said Audrey my husband found this movie for me. I love these cute movies about family, life, friends, overcoming obstacles. What are you gonna do when life is full of onions and you start crying all over your cutting board? Get some onion googles and make onion soup!

    2. Audrey my husband found this movie for me. We both laughed, he really giggled over the corn starch skit. I mean whatcha gonna do when life gives you a bunch of onions and you are crying all over your cutting board? Get some onion goggles and make some soup! The whole family thing with good friends got to my heart too.

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