To Do Lists!

Today it’s raining, this means I will be working inside. I love Oregon and its fall and winter rains. It gives one the time to dive deep into their thoughts. To sit quietly and listen to the rainfalls patterns change through the day. A dark Payne’s gray  blanket of clouds cap our valley and a chill that sits deep in the bones that only the warmth of a fire can chase away.  Fall has chased the warmth of summer away and I still have to adjust to the temperature change.

As I sit here this morning watching the rain fall I feel so grateful for our little snugly warm house and our garden’s beauty and bounty. This year nature gave us more than we needed.  I was able to plant most of my winter garden yesterday. My husband added to our huge pile of leaves as a mulch for the garden. So grateful for all his help. Winter gardens can withstand very cold weather if they have a lot of mulch and a heavy frost cover.  Depending on winter cycles here our winters could be wild, wet, windy, deadly cold, or very warm and dry. The deep plant killing cold will come after January teases us with sunny days.

My green tomatoes are ripening and the pile is shrinking. I will be canning tomatoes and painting a duck today. Cooking and canning, I am in heaven whilst watching it rain all warm and happy in our cozy little house. I love the rain!