Roasted Squash & Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted squash and pumpkin seeds taste better than popcorn! Also they have more protein, super good fats, minerals, and vitamins than corn.

I like to boil my seeds after washing them off. Strain the water off, stick them in a bowl, add some butter and salt, stir up, and eat them this way. It’s really easy to squash the seed out with your teeth after boiling them for 30 minutes. After I eat my fill of boiled seeds I stick the leftovers in an oven at 350 degrees until they are crispy. Usually 20-45 minutes depending on the seed and how many you are roasting.

You can crack the seed and just eat the kernel or you can eat shell, kernel and all. My husband had never eaten pumpkin or squash seeds and was very reluctant. He is ruled by his nose…with the salt and butter the seeds smell just like popcorn. They crunch just like popcorn and taste better than popcorn. You can also make carmel covered seeds. My husband requested the carmel covering, it’s his favorite type of popcorn. He figured the seeds would also taste yummy. I will report back on this next project.

If you are looking for good fats like the omegas these seeds pack a lot in a small package.

Boiling seeds

Baking seeds