Kimchi And My Gut…

If you are in chronic pain and can’t seem to heal this maybe the reason why.

The doctors called my fatigue, asthma, skin rashes, chronic bladder infections, depression/panic attacks, fibromyalgia. I was told to go to therapy for my panic attacks and take antidepressants. I was given inhalers for my asthma and Retin A for acne like skin rashes. I was on antibiotics several times a year for bladder and lung infections. All that medication is poison to your gut flora and fauna. No one told me I was killing my gut by taken this medication.

Not once was I asked by any of my doctors about my diet. We did talk about my relationships with family.  I had horrible very dysfunctional relationships with family. Maybe I was clinging to my past and had horrible toxic relationships and that was causing all my physical problems. Nothing really seemed to work no matter what medication I took or how much therapy I went too. Plus I was getting really fat, my bones and joints were falling apart and that made everything depressing because I was in constant pain. My back was totally screwed, disks bulging and cutting off nerves in my leg so I couldn’t walk. I was fat, tired, sick, my feet hurt all the time! Come to find out years later, thyroid was going out, pancreas and gallbladder weren’t functioning correctly. No matter how healthy I ate I was not digesting and absorbing the nutrition I took in.

I finally figured I would be the one who had to fix myself because my doctors and medication seemed to make everything worse. So I walked away from allopathic medicine and psychology. I started researching and reading alternative data about physical and mental health. It’s been a twenty year journey to find my health. I learned a lot along the way and made many mistakes. I learned a lot from my mistakes too. What did I learn? How healthy we are is all about gut health, even the mind is tied to gut health. If you can’t absorb your minerals because your gut is all screwed up your mind will go friggen crazy!

I learned to meditate figuring that will help my mind out, I won’t be so tired and moody. I can samadhi all over the universe, sit so still I disappear, generate all sorts of compassion and loving kindness (being sarcastic here) but eventually I have to get off the cushion and live my life. You could have the most wonderful relationships, be sitting on top of the world without a worry but if your gut isn’t healthy it’s all going to go down the toilet with lots of smelly farts to stink up everything. Meditating in a big Dharma hall with lots of people, one is full of gas, stinky farts that curl the hair in one’s nostrils really challenges one’s equanimity. I have butt loads of equanimity now…ha!

Your gut has a whole world of little beings living in it that help you digest the food you eat. If they are out of balance your world will be out of balance too! Sitting in retreat I got to see the body is like a universe and it is full of the most amazing beings. It’s funny how I feel like I am just one being, but really the I that I call me is made up of billions of different little beings and if given the right information function perfectly together. It’s amazing how everything I call me works as one. Too bad humans couldn’t work together that way. Maybe they could if given the right data and nutrition.

Most of the ingredients came from our garden.

This is the recipe I used…well kind of, I added extra stuff to my taste… If you want to know my recipe, just ask and I’ll post it. This recipe is very easy and well written out, easy to follow directions