It’s Pepper Canning Time!

I’ve never grown peppers. Back in 2013 I saved a lot of seeds from the peppers I bought from our local organic grocery store. Sprouted the seeds this last spring, planted the sprouts and prayed over them all summer long and this is what I got! Lots and lots of sweet, hot, spicy, yummy peppers. So far I’ve made salsas. With this last batch I am going to make pepper jelly and pickled peppers. Let’s get our canning on!


7 thoughts on “It’s Pepper Canning Time!

    1. Mina still acts like a puppy. She is a spaz-case but very, very smart. I think she weighs 60lbs now! She herds chickens perfectly and has a soft mouth. She cornered a baby wild turkey without killing it and held it for me until I caught it. She is crazy over squirrels and is as fast as a deer.

      1. Sammy got a hold of Nanny’s baby chick that Sean was cuddling on at the range and Jason yelled out “DROP” and he dropped it. Pretty proud of my old jack russell and so glad Jason used that word. Any other, Sam would of killed it. Sammy has been through hell at the range. Almost got knocked out by one of the goats and missed a near death experience with the cow…he is not a farm dog. Bella is hilarious to watch. Sammy likes to go up there and kill everything under their house. They have less rodents and cats now.

    1. Making something with peppers and pumpkin tonight. I like saying, Pumpkin and Peppers, has a nice rhyme to it… I’m thinking soup….yummy indeed! The cold and rain have finally arrived and we need some warm soup!

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