Our First Pullet Egg Of The Year!


What is a pullet? It’s a young female chicken that is about ready to lay eggs. Our first hatch this last March 2014 has started laying. This batch of pullets are Bantam Cochin crossed with Cuckoo Marans, some purebred Cuckoo Marans, and Buff Brahmas. The Cuckoo Marans rooster is at least 12lbs and the Bantam hens are at the most 3lbs. This egg was from a little Bantam cross. I thought it was an impossible mating, but as hatching proved the proper data was exchanged and we have Bantam Cochin/Cuckoo Marans cross.

The older hens set the example where to lay and the young hens follow their example. The boxes are private, most hens love their privacy when laying.  The rooster will ask the young hens to lay through a little dance and song. Not kidding, I need to video tape the rooster dance!

Usually pullets lay little eggs and once their system starts going some will lay double yolk eggs. Eventually by winter the young hen’s reproductive system steadies out and they start laying nice regular sized eggs. No need to worry about when or how the pullet will figure out egg laying if they don’t have a rooster or older hen to show them where to lay. They have hardwired instincts and they will find a nice nest or use the box you provided after a few misses pooped out on the chicken coop floor. Try to give them some privacy and they will be happy laying hens.

If you want your hens to keep laying eggs five days a week in the winter you will have to have some lights in the chicken coop. The chickens hormonal system is activated by at least 10 hours of light a day. Some chickens like Cherry Eggers are said to lay through the winter on limited daylight but I haven’t seen this to be true with my Cherry Egger hens.

That jar of green icky looking stuff is juiced rhubarb, lettuce, mango, and raspberry. Red and Green make brown but it taste like heaven even though it looks like muddy water.