Oh so true!

Babylon Dogs

whining sniveling bitches
cowards behind their keyboards
impotent little adolescents
tossing tantrums,
unifying themselves
through their collective
effeminate cowardice
hoping to assuage their sense
of being abandoned by their parents.

they taunt and joust
they hurl insults
they twist the truth
they try to bully you
while they scoff mock and laugh
from the safety of their distances.
these are no warriors
these are no real men
they are merely the wasted sperm
their mothers didn’t swallow.

armchair shit-stirrers
keyboard queens and divas,
getting tattoos they never earned,
punks thugs posers pricks
undulating en mass,
a mob of mindless zombies
too afraid to risk themselves
in the crucible of battle
the forge of taking risks
mere tit-sucking babies
still attached to their mommies
by invisible umbilical cords.

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