Raw Milk Yogurt

One of my favorites. I think I will stop by and pick up some raw-milk today. I haven’t made yogurt for several years. I used raw-milk as part of my detox regime 4 years ago when we first moved to our hobby farm. I buy my milk from a lovely 3 cow small farm down the road. The ladies name is Mary. Maybe I will do a blog about Mary’s farm and her family. She and her Husband Dave have 3 kids that are almost finished with high school. The girls have a herd of goats they sell cheese and goat milk. Mary takes care of the milk cows. Dave takes care of the huge flock of chickens, he sells eggs and they also butcher chickens, hogs, and steers.

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Starting Your Raw Milk Yogurt

  • 1 gallon of raw milk
  • Pan large enough to hold a gallon of raw milk
  • “Room Temperature” six ounces of plain yogurt with active probiotic culture
  • Blender or something to throughly stir probiotic culture into warm raw milk
  • Thermometer for measuring box temperature and raw milk
  • Two, one-half gallon canning jars with lids
  • Cardboard box at least bankers size or bigger, 10 x 12 x 15 Inches. If the box is too big or too small you will not keep an even temperature. At one end of the box you will insert the guts of reading light and a 40 watt light bulb. I use Duck tape on both sides of the box to hold light fixture
  • Fruit Syrup
  • Cheese Cloth
  • String and area to hang string and yogurt in cloth for draining
  • Large bowl to catch liquid draining from yogurt.

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