It’s Raining Out-What To Do?

It’s raining out. In fact it’s been raining off and on all weekend. I’m happy about that because I don’t have to water the garden. Also I cleaned out all my closets and storage room. Getting ready for canning season this August and September.

Now that the gardens need less work, all I have to do is water, weed, and clip stems on the hundreds of tomato plants I can now finish my paintings. I admit I went overboard on tomato plants but I didn’t plant near enough tomatoes last year for canning. My goal is to grow enough food to last my husband and I through the winter.

Juice is from 4 long thick stalks of our garden’s rhubarb and an organic mango. I juice by running the fruit and rhubarb through out blender till smooth and squeezing out the juice through cheese cloth. The color is beautiful the taste is smooth with the tart slightly bitter taste of rhubarb. I found out through experience Rhubarb curbs your appetite. Not only is rhubarb full of minerals and micro nutrients that help balance gut flora and fauna and run our electrical system there is something in this that cuts cravings. I’ve read Rhubarb ramps up your metabolism and will curb your appetite but I didn’t really believe the data. Nothing curbs my hunger cravings! I was proven wrong.

The painting I’m finishing is the story of Gotama Buddha helping a grieving woman who lost her child deal with her grief correctly. Look for “The Mustard Seed” story. You can look the story up online.