Gardening, Organic Food, Rest, and Weightloss

Gardening, Organic Food, Rest, and Weightloss

First of all I don’t weigh myself. How do I know I’ve gained or lost weight? How my clothes fit. We moved to our little hobby farm back in 2010 I couldn’t fit into these shorts. I gained even more weight the first year we were here because I became very sick. I have read since then when you start eating organic food, drinking clean water, breathing clean air, getting more sleep, dropping most stress you will go into detox. That’s what happened to me. Every old injury from my bad back, my stressed thyroid, gallbladder and pancreas decided to act up. I was in pain all winter and couldn’t move. My guess I gained about 30lbs and kept it on for the last 3 years. Through these last 3 years I continued to work in the garden, moving into my pain and through it as I did my chores. I didn’t lay around and feel sorry for myself.

This year my body decided it’s time to drop the weight and it’s flying off. All my pain in my back, right leg, feet are gone. They left after that first horrible winter, slowly fading with the summer of 2011. My thyroid, gallbladder, and pancreas are healthy and pain-free now. Although I am in my mid-50s so I am going through the change of life. Weight is harder to lose because of hormonal changes and loss of energy that comes with the change of life. Mental clarity comes and goes along with my energy. Hot-flashes aren’t too bad compared to the other stuff I’ve been through. I can happily say if this is what the change of life is all about, it’s not too bad!

If I stay away from sugar, highly processed foods, refined grain products, and alcohol I am migraine and headache free. Nothing worse than a gallbladder or pancreas headache or migraine. When the pancreas or gallbladder act up I get incredibly horrible back pain that takes my breath away. When the thyroid isn’t functioning correctly it can feel like pre-menopause symptoms. You gain weight, cognition is fuzzy, emotions are wacked out and you lose energy. You can also experience skin problems, hair loss and your immune system doesn’t function correctly. I had these symptoms, which are all gone!

I will post another picture the end of summer to see where my garden yoga and organic diet take this body. I don’t have any expectations with body shape, size or weight with this experiment. All I want is to be healthy, have lots of energy and mental clarity. I am letting my body decided what shape it wants instead of trying to force it into a shape that is pushed by the media advertising, entertainment industry, big pharma, and our corrupt medical system.