Weeding, Oregano, And Burdock Root

I’ll be planting more pepper plants on the south side of the house. I ignored this bed all winter through the spring. Nature hates a void, she will fill any bare dirt with some kind of plants. Usually ones I can’t eat!

Burdock root cools the body, it’s one of those roots women’s bodies just love, especially if you are having hot flashes like me from pre-menopause symptoms. Clean the root of dirt, using a potato peeler, peel the root until there is nothing left. Dry the peelings or use them fresh for Burdock root tea. A tablespoon of fresh or dry root, boil some water, let sit in hot water for five minutes and you have a wonderful refreshing tea. I like to drink it hot or cold in the summer. I reuse the peelings for tea throughout the day.

We, that is my husband and I pulled all the Oregano that was taking up the garden bed, root and all. Oregano will take over if not cut back or pulled by the roots. This is my first Oregano harvest this year. I usually wait to harvest when the plant starts producing flowers. That’s when the oils are very strong. Oregano isn’t just for seasoning, it is medicinal as well. I like to make oregano oil with fresh leaves. It’s really easy. Just put a bunch of fresh leaves in a jar of your favorite oil. I measure one part oil to one part leaves. You can get your rubber mallet out and bruise the leaves or put whole unbruised leaves with oil in a jar with lid. Let sit in a dark cupboard for two weeks, strain out the leaves, refrigerate. Do a search on the net for more info on the medicinal properties of Oregano, it is a very ancient herb that has wonderful healing properties. I am hanging this bunch of oregano up in a cool dark room to dry. I will strip the leaves and use for tea and seasoning.