Sunburned by Wrong Concentration

Sunburned by Wrong Concentration

I forgot to pay attention to pain whilst planting my seedlings yesterday. What’s really weird, the burn doesn’t hurt. It kind of tingles and is a warm feeling that makes my back feel really good. I don’t think my skin is too happy though. I need to be more mindful of my bodies needs. Sometimes being able to let go of pain is not a good thing. It wasn’t the Sun’s fault, it shines no matter who catches it’s rays.

Sati=mindfulness, this burn was caused by wrong mindfulness.

sati: the term has two meanings which, although apparently opposed are actually related:

1) awareness, attention, mindfulness, fact of being clearly conscious/ vigilant. It is one of the seven bojjhaṅgas, said to be the most important because the other six are to be developed along with it. The standard defintion of sammā·sati, given for example at SN 45.8, actually consists of the description of the four satipaṭṭhānas. Sati is one of the five spiritual indriyas and the five balas. Sati as one of the five balas is defined at AN 5.14.

2) memory, recollection. This aspect of sati is actually also covered by the definition given at AN 5.14.

These two meanings are related in the sense that an awareness supported by the collectedness of concentration is a necessary condition to get proper perception and understanding of what is happening in the present moment, which enables an easy recollection at a later time of what precisely was happening, of what was said, what was done at a prior moment, even a long time before. In one case sati is defined as per what is happening in the present moment, and in the other as per the qualities that develop in the bhikkhu when he has been endowed with this awareness of the present moment for a long time.


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  1. Still no pain although the burn is warm and a little tight. I drank like a whole gallon of green smoothie with rhubarb and strawberries. I think that really helped my skin adjust and heal.

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