Spring Pepper and Basil Beds

I love to journal through taking photographs from the beginning to the end of a project. I love to sit and figure out the steps of a project, plot all the details and get up and do it! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world to see things grow, to feel that symbiotic connection to the food I eat. The plants and animals I raise for food need me to protect and continue their species and in trade they feed me and continue my species. This world is one big symbiotic relationship, growing my food I can truly experience this relationship first hand. I will be taking pictures as the summer advances. It’s amazing how fast these little plants will grow!

As I’ve been working on my garden’s this spring I dream of salsa and basil pesto. This is why I toil away in the blazing sun, super tasty food! Industrial grown food has lost all its taste in trade for shelf life.

From my labor I can eat what I grow and I know it’s organic. I feel a great sense of accomplishment going through the process from seed, sprout, transplanting, weeding and watering, harvest and canning. Gardening is addicting but it’s a good addiction.

What is even better, the earth, animals, my chickens, friends, community, and family also get to share from my work. It’s my choice to work hard all day and there is no one telling me what to do, how to do it, or taking a part of my labor as a tax. For my work in my garden I am not paid in debt laden fiat currency that destroys everything by sucking the life out of it… This food is truly free, it brings healthy, happiness, and peace!