The Never Ending Dharma Argument

New is not always better than the tried and true…..I’m going to prolly do a painting of this… The story of the never-ending Dharma arguments.

I belong to a BB Buddhist Chat board. I’ve been part of a group of people who have chatted together since early 2000. I love reading about different traditions and chatting with old and new students. The meeting of scholars, monastics and newbies  of different traditions and cultures is amazing to watch and be part of an ongoing dialogue.  But there is one thing about the boards I find tedious and I know others love this type of study or they wouldn’t take part in this particular drama. However, these dusty old men with bugs in their ears have argued for thousands of lifetimes. They have forgotten why they argue and argue for arguments sake.

When I read threads like this I see a gas-lit room, you can hear the whisper of gas feeding the flickering flames ensconced within frosted glass shells on dark cherry-wood paneled walls. The light from the flames dancing with the shadows…

I see a group of bewhiskered old men, hair on the top of their head has moved into their ears along with birds nests, creepin crawly black beetles and bugs. Bushy eye-brows and nose hair dancing in time with their bobbing heads as they mutter to themselves and each other about who is right and who is wrong and the sing-song of endless citations. Cobwebs are hanging off their elbows and ears, dressed in baggy old pants and sweaters with elbow patches, facing each other across and dusty book crowded table. The background of dimly lit old floor to ceiling wooden walled book shelves full of old books that sparkle at times with the golden glint of lettering in odd languages. As the light is too busy dancing with the darkness the floor, ceiling, and corners are lost in shadows…I can hear a constant nonstop dry-husked, threadbare whispering of old arguments that will never end.

People are gonna believe what they want to believe no amount of arguing is gonna change that, I know this firsthand. The old traditions need  protection, they are going extinct because now-in-days people think if it’s new its better.


2 thoughts on “The Never Ending Dharma Argument

  1. As a hairy eared, bushy browed old guy speaking only for himself, some of the arguments are indeed tedious, but I end my end of them to end the tedium. Others are a source of learning, fellowship and occasionally, insight, and these I hope never end as long as I remain.

    1. I did mention that others learn from this experience. Once in a blue moon I learn a few things too. I have to look up stuff in my huge old scholarly Buddhist books to follow the arguments. By the by, bugs hate diatomaceous earth, just sprinkle some in your ears…I guess the birds don’t mind bugs in their nests. Just teasing about the bugs and nests…but I can’t help it, too funny.

      I think I will add to the story that these old men have sat in those seats for thousands lifetimes. They have forgotten why they are arguing and just argue for arguments sake.

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