Backyard Potato Bed

I spent a couple hours a day these last 3 days working up our potato bed. I used just a shovel and a hoe and it’s a great workout. No gas spent driving or tilling, no gym fees and free organic food and washboard abs (just kidding) as an end product. I bought 70lbs of Fingerlings, Reds, Yukon Gold, and Russets from our organic grocery store last January. Bagged the spuds up in clean chicken feed bags and placed them in a cool dark closet until planting time. I usually put around 10lbs of potatoes per bag and check the bags once a month while in storage for any rotten potatoes. I didn’t get one rotten potato this year! I enlarged the potato bed this year and we should get around 300lbs of potatoes this year. I give a 1/4 of our harvest to our local community center. I did this bed all by myself and I am in average shape and in my mid-fifties.