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Zen Broom

Last night I read a few haiku from the wandering Zen priest, Taneda Santōka. This lesser known poet lived as he pleased and wrote as he pleased. After reading about him, and reading as many of his poems as I could find, I was inspired to recall another Zen haiku poet by the pen-name Karasu. His name means “Crow.” So little is known of this poet than an internet search came back without a single fish in its net. The poems of this Zen heretic are few, and some of them I can’t even reprint due to blog obscenity rules. But like Taneda, he wrote and lived as he pleased, and much like the Zen priest/poet Ikkyū Sōjun, believed enlightenment could be found in brothels and bars. Here are a few from my copy of “The Straight Crooked.” Enjoy:

Cat on the
toilet lid –
I piss in the sink.

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