Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Look at how happy my parents were back then. Young and full of life, hopes, and dreams. My Dad died of cancer 2 years later and our world changed forever. That’s for another story to be told at a later date along with a couple of paintings…

I’m the kid on the left, I was around 3 years old back in 1963. My Dad was stationed at that time in Germany, he was a Captain in the Air Force. I was looking kind of out of it in this picture because I had been knocked out by a wooden swing for an hour or so and needed stitches. Hit me right between the eyes. I remember the incident as if it were yesterday. Walking through the sand covered playground, near our apartment complex, right in front of the swings. I remember the little girl on the swing yelling at me, “watch out,” and that’s it…I don’t remember waking up or anything after that regarding my stitches or injury. I still have the scar, it’s moved up to the middle of my forehead. I have a very large forehead. I have a lot more physical scars now, I’m a klutz and grew up on a farm with horses. So many stories to tell about growing up with horses…

My sister is the bald kid sitting on my Mom’s lap. She has a lot more hair now, wild crazy curly hair and much taller. She was the tall skinny one, the funny one, the look at me child in the family. She took after my Dad in the tallness department and I think she got her clown act from him as well. She needs people and to be going somewhere to feel alive and happy. My Mom and I are the serious ones, we like to stay home, get out of my way, shut up I am busy, don’t bother me now people. That’s the fault of the artsy-fartsy gene that grabs you and won’t let you go until you follow it to its end. When I say get out of my way I always think of my Mother! I guess psychology calls this a OCD or narcissism now, well unless you are extremely successful, well-educated with lots of degrees and or filthy rich then you are the cat’s meow.

I take after my Mom both in looks and personality we are both artist and slightly, depending on who you ask, self-absorbed. I guess most creative people are. Some people claim that’s a negative. I don’t, we can entertain ourselves and don’t need other people to entertain us. We are easy keepers if you don’t get in the way of our creative process. My mother and I were never good friends and still aren’t. We found each other very annoying. It happens, I have kids too and understand when your child grows up you may not be best friends but you will always be their mother. I found my kids fascinating way better than any science or painting project. I loved watching them change and grow and sometimes I even liked them, however I always will love them. I feel the same way about my Mother. Love is not comfy-cozy for me, never has been, it just is as it is…

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  1. Gma Bev says I’ve gotten better looking with age. I think it is because I have finally seen me. I have good looking parents too πŸ™‚

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