Ready To Transplant!

All sorts of tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, squash, and pumpkins ready to plant this coming week. It’s raining today and I think we’ve had our last frost this last week.  To be safe from frost I will be putting up plastic row covers over my new transplants. We could get a frost up till the end of May.  I’m so excited, this is my favorite time of year.

Most of my squash and pumpkins are long keepers that store well for chicken feed. I can some for pies and cookies at the end of October. My husband loathes fresh tomatoes but he will eat salsa, soups, and sauces made from tomatoes. He says fresh tomato texture is slimy, he gets the gag reflex and wants to puke.  Oh well, more fresh tomatoes for me and I give 1/4 of my harvest to our local community center. My potatoes are reds, Yukon gold, russet and fingerlings, all store very well and last through the winter until spring.

You know you can buy organic potatoes, story them in a bag in a cool room in the fall. By spring the next year your potatoes will have sprouted and you can plant them in bales of hay, a bucket, or small patch in your backyard. Growing your own spuds is super easy.  I usually grow around 300lbs of potatoes a year. One of the easiest crops to grow and process.

My peppers still haven’t gotten their true leaves, they need lots of time and warmth to get going. Sprouting peppers is always slow up here in the foothills of the Oregon Cascades. I also have cucumbers, melons, and bitter melons coming on, they just sprouted and I am in the process of transplanting sprouts into bigger pots.