Do It Yourself Chicks-Buff Brahma

I love to watch our chicks hatch. So far this spring we’ve hatched 40 chicks and 20 more will hatch in two weeks. I hatch mine in a Hovabator and Little Giant. I have used an automatic egg turner and fan but the best results have been with the plain hot box, it comes with auto adjusted heating coil without fan or egg turner. I turn 4 times a day, keep water in the wells to keep up humidity and check a couple of times a day to make sure heat is staying around 100 degrees. The boxes have automatic heat adjustment but they can fluctuate through the day. I keep my incubators in our guest room which is without drafts that stays around 65 degrees. I will sell a few of the young hens to backyard chicken fanciers, keep a couple of hens for our flock and butcher the remaining pullets and roos for my family.

The largest Buff Brahma chick was hatched with 20 of his mates March 22, 2014, the second to the largest hatched April 14, 2014 and the smallest just 3 days ago. The largest is ready to go off the heat lamp next weekend and I will move the second batch outside out of their heated brooder box. I feed the chicks organic chicken food bought from our local feed store. As soon as they are off the lamp I move them into our larger hen-house with the grown chickens and they will start free ranging with the flock. I feed my chickens grain once a day along with produce from the garden. The rest of their food they forage from our property.