Tomato and Pepper Sprouts

Transplanting soon! My tomato and pepper sprouts are coming on strong. As soon as their true leaves show I will pop them into the garden under warm row covers. Here in the Oregon Cascades you can get a freeze all the way up till the end of May. We have teaser weeks were the weather will be warm, nice 70 degree days, nights 50 degrees or warmer. Then the Northerly winds will come in and freeze anything tender.

My tomato and pepper crops are

Anaheim Chile Pepper, Poblano Pepper, Hungarian Sweet Wax, Aconcagua Pepper, Cayenne Sweet Pepper, Chile De Arlod, Bulgarian Carrot Pepper, Cayenne Hot Pepper, Sweet California Pepper. 


Roma Paste Tomato, Large Cherry Tomato, Marglobe Tomato, Pink Ponderosa Tomato, Black Japanese Tomato, Beef Steak Tomato, Amish Paste Tomato, Purple Tomatillo (they sprouted, I can’t wait, I’ve never grown Tomatillos, think salsa!), Long keeper, The Ssaloniki Tomato, Hungerian Paste tomato, Black Krim, Home Stead, and Tommy toe (cherry tomato).