Barefoot Gardener

barefoot1Barefoot Gardener

Look how pink and healthy my feet look. When I started gardening, every step I took was full of pain and my toes, eventually both feet would turn purple. My toenails were discolored thick yellowish, super ugly-fuggly too. Also I had problems with fungus on my nails and the bottom of my feet. I am sure getting rid of acidic causing food plus clean water and barefoot walking helped my circulation.

No foot fetish talk please. One of the practices that brought back my foot and back health is walking and doing my chores barefooted. I found better balance and an energetic connection to earth that helped balance my energy. Plus I love getting my feet dirty in clean dirt. I think the body soaks up mineral like a plant. We don’t get that kind of connection anymore wearing our shoes made from toxic materials. If you haven’t tried it, do some walking meditation in your bare feet. Find a quiet clean place to walk and contemplate how sensation feels walking. Just stay focused on the sensations on the bottom of your feet. After walking pay attention to your body/mind energy. You will be surprised how grounded and the subtle happiness you feel.

I planted Crystal White Wax onions for canning with my pickles. I do fridge type canning, the flora and fauna in live batches have brought me back a healthy gut. Also I do a 4 canning onion mix with sweet Spanish White, great for storage as well, Red Cippolini does not store well, Ruby Onion, great keeper, White Lisbon for canning and eating fresh, does not store well.


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  1. I do so many things around the house without shoes or sandals! I love the feel of grass and soil under my feet while doing the same activities in shoes just doesn’t feel the same.

    1. I grew up on a farm here in Oregon and I took pride I could walk over anything in my bare feet. I remembered how good my feet felt as a kid. So I figured I would try it again. I guess between meditation, growing my own food, clean well water and air plus going barefoot I feel like I am physically that kid again. That’s a little miracle!

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