Green Smoothie With Powdered Kelp

Did you know table salt manufactures here in America no longer add iodine? Do you know without iodine our endocrine system cannot function at its best?  Thyroid, breast glands, prostrate, all your glands need iodine. I order about 5lbs a year of Atlantic Kelp powder and add it to my soups and green smoothies. No wonder thyroid, prostate, and breast cancers are going through the roof. We no longer get the foods that help our bodies function correctly.

Even my husband notices his hands and feet no longer get chilled in the winter. I bet he will be happy to know his prostrate will stay healthy through his elder years too!

A healthy thyroid means great energy, clear thinking, and healthy weight. Take care of your glands and eat a bit of kelp every day!

1 cup of collard and turnip tops.

1 cup of peaches

1/2 gallon of fluoride free water. Fluoride causes cancer and will kill your thyroid if it isn’t full of iodine.

2 tablespoons of kelp powder. Make sure kelp is not from the pacific ocean because of Fukushima radiation.

Stuff everything in a powerful blender with a cup or two of water, blend till smooth. Pour into a 1/2 gallon container and the rest of your water. Shake well and have a cup of green medicine! I don’t keep this mix more than a day. Sometimes I drink green smoothies every day. It gives me subtle steady energy and a smooth happy feeling. It’s not a kick in your butt high, so don’t be looking for a caffeine like energy kick, you will be disappointed.