Hobby-Farm, Garden, Greens, Eggs, And Chicks

From today’s harvest, a box of chicks (no I am not eating the chicks), Cuckoo Maran’s eggs for our omelette, which will include fried collard greens, chives, garlic tops, and oregano . All grown in our backyard and totally organic. The safest way to get organic produce is to grow your own. Added benefit the confidence you feel knowing you can feed yourself through your own efforts.

The greens are from last years collard beds. You don’t have to plant collards every year and mine survived -4 degree farenheit for several weeks. The leaves froze but the stalk stayed valid and started producing leaves late winter. Additionally my carrots, onions, chives, and herbs survived as well.

I clean the brooder twice a day, moving the chicks into a small box whilst I clean. The chicks become familiar with handling with moving from brooder to box and back again. Chicks hatched from our incubator on the 21st of March. I handle them twice a day and they now have imprinted me as their Mom. They climb all over me and calm down when I talk with them.  I will be moving the clutch out to the barn with heat lamp in another week. The heat lamp will stay until they are fully feathered out around 5-6 weeks old. These are some very healthy happy Cuckoo Maran and Buff Brahma chicks! This is my favorite time of the year!