Red Russian Tobacco Seedlings

Just in case the economy collapses tobacco and their seeds will become excellent trade and barter items. If this never happens, I am having a blast growing these beautiful plants. I’m growing 5 varieties besides the Red Russian. Warning, do not grow tobacco near your produce gardens. For some reason tobacco plants limit growth in other plants. I plant mine in a separate area far away from the gardens. I learned this from a blog on growing Native American Tobaccos called Rusticas. I have a few varieties Rusticas and they are very vigorous growers and seed producers.

The seedlings look like all my other tobacco seedlings. Green and tiny. However that will change once this plant flowers. Beautiful red flowers. The plant is a great ornamental as well as a good smoke. Leaves cure up tan to light reddish tan with a mild flavor. I bought mine from Sustainable Seed Co. As soon as seedlings are strong enough I will transplant into paper pots and plant the first of June after all chance of frost is gone.

Red Russian is an unclassified tobacco.

It grows to around 3 feet in height and has very dark green leaves.

It produces a fair amount of tobacco, but its most striking feature is its large magenta red flowers which contrast against the deep green leaves.

A good dual purpose plant