Back Pain and Convenience Foods.

These last four years I’ve eaten whole organic foods, drinking well water, breathing fresh air and I can tell immediately when I take something into my body that causes inflammation. I figured out this week, I know I am slow at figuring stuff out. When I work out and eat foods that cause inflammation, this combination causes my back spasms. I have an old injury in my lower lumber #5 that flares up once-in-awhile. I injured my back and lost reflex in my right leg and foot back in 2003. I’m completely recovered except my back is tender but only on occasion and I couldn’t figure out why I get flare-up.  This last week I figured out what causes the flare-up and pain. It’s not working in the garden! It’s eating sugar and chemical laden foods. When I eat clean I can work in the garden all day. I still experience soreness but only the normal soreness you get when you workout.  Bending, shoveling, hoeing, twisting, lifting and twisting, pulling, squatting for long periods of time are an intense workout you can’t get in a gym. I used to be a gym rat I know, garden is the best overall workout I’ve experienced.

I ate some candy and processed grain products with my Grandson this last week and my back started to go into spasms. I have scarring around my lower spine, I figured there is not a lot of room around my injury for the flow of nutrients and proper movement. When I eat or drink something that causes inflammation what little room I have around my injury is gone. The flow of nutrients is cut off and nerves are pinched. It’s  pretty easy to figure out what causes inflammation, tons of data on the net. Just do a search on food/drinks and inflammation.  What is difficult is cutting out food I love, especially sugar and grain. Being pain free and moving like I’m  30 years old instead of my mid-fifties is worth the sacrifice.