Heritage Backyard Chicks-Second Incubator Batch

Cuckoo Marans and Buff Brahma Chicks. Both heritage dual purpose Chickens. Dual purpose means chickens produce large muscle mass and lay fewer eggs. Chickens that have been bred for only egg laying give up muscle mass to focus on egg production. Heritage means these chickens have been with us for hundreds of years. Selective breeding has made them unique as a breed. Both breeds are hardy, they can forage on their own and make it through a hard winter with a little help from us. We give them protection from predators, some food when feed is hard to find and they give us eggs and meat. It’s a symbiotic relationship that we have respected for thousands of years. Now with factory farms we have broken this relationship. Millions of people across the world are fighting to maintain this wonderful relationship with our heritage livestock. Hopefully we will win over the factory farms which is driving small farms and our heritage livestock into extinction.